Online reminder on your pc — the key of productivity

Your day is all you have. And working hours must be able to manage competently. Online reminder on your devices will help you, which will be sent by LeaderTask.

You will not forget any scheduled appointments or tasks. Download LeaderTask right now via the link below — try the app in action:

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online reminder on pc

Reminders on your desktop

What can be better than being focused on the work process and at the same time not forget anything. A difficult task? With reminder on the desktop — simpler than simple.
Imagine: you are focused on a task, you are in a state of "flow". And at that time, a meeting began in the office above. You should be there, but just forgot about it.
All the pleasure of work will fly away because of this fact. That's why having a program on a working PC that will send reminders of future tasks is the responsibility of every successful person.
You can rely on LeaderTask. A flexible system of desktop reminders allows you relax because of:
  1. you can set the time of reminder for each task;
  2. the possibility of displaying different tags in the reminder: from "urgent" tasks to secondary ones in importance;
  3. quickly move from reminder to task content.
So, for example, you need to send an email to your colleagues at a certain time. Create such a task, attach the contents of the letter to the task, and set up a notification 15 minutes before the event.
The program will send you reminder on the desktop, you click on it and see all the content of the task.
Reminder online

How can I work with tasks in LeaderTask?

LeaderTask is a task management system, so the range of opportunities for working with cases is infinite. So, for example, you can:
  1. turn tasks into assignments, simply dragging the case to the name of your colleague or employee;
  2. paint the task in the required color so that it stands out against the background of the rest of the to-do list;
  3. label tasks by first creating your own set of tags in the app settings;
  4. break tasks into subtasks, thereby defining all steps to complete the main task and much more.
Even the most famous task manager will envy the full scope of work with the to-do list. And in a "cocktail" with a flexible reminder system, LeaderTask turns from an ordinary assistant into an indispensable work adviser.
Believe me: so many times I missed important meetings while I was running a paper daily. After all, he does not send reminders on the desktop, but only contains the necessary information about the to-do list.
Combine these two components, achieve more in the work — all with the help of LeaderTask! Try the program for free now at the link below:
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