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Today it is very important to keep things up. And how to do this if many of us do not even use the daily log? It happens that much of things can be forgotten. The daily LeaderTask and the built-in reminder online come to the rescue.

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Why is this app so useful? Let's sort things out.

Reminder online

How to forget nothing with reminder online?

Setting LeaderTask is only the first step to success. Let's follow the steps:
  1. Enter all your tasks in the Unsorted section. Let's start with all the tasks for today.
  2. Break the required tasks into subtasks. Add all necessary information, files, etc.
  3. Drag tasks to today's calendar. Yes, it is so easy to set a date for the execution of a particular case.
  4. Have a broad view of tasks for today. You'll have a daily planner on your right side.
  5. Drag and drop tasks to a specific calendar time. To schedule the day, stretch tasks by the exact execution time + 15 minutes.
  6. Begin to work! LeaderTask will send reminders of future tasks so that you do not forget anything.
Reminder online LeaderTask is designed so that its flexible settings contribute to your productivity.
Reminders website

How do I go to the website from reminder?

Some tasks require the active participation of third-party sites, such as Google Documents. For these purposes, we have integrated the ability to navigate the right website from reminder.
All references within the formulation of the task are clickable, which means that the execution of such tasks is accelerated several times.
Online calendar reminder

Online calendar reminder LeaderTask

When developing the program, we took into account the maximum flexibility and speed of working with the task. After all, he should help, not take time. That's why LeaderTask is one of the best online calendar reminders in the world.
We have already created tasks for today, and what to do if the task needs to be postponed to tomorrow? Just pick it up and drag it to the calendar for any day.
It will be moved along with the time, do not forget to adjust the plan for tomorrow before leaving work.
It is also important to note that the online calendar reminder LeaderTask allows you to plan any day of the year in this way. For example, I have everything planned for 3 months ahead — and it's so easy to navigate the calendar when you need to set up a new meeting.
Try reminder online LeaderTask now — click the link below.

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