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Task management is the process of maintaining tasks throughout their entire lifecycle. Tasks management helps not only in solving personal problems and achieving goals, but also in teamwork to control the execution of assignments and projects.

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How to properly manage tasks

Task managment is based on the following fundamental principles:

  1. statement
  2. planning and detailed description
  3. execution
  4. control of the process
  5. evaluation of results

When you complete all the above points, you will not only get a complete picture of all the tasks facing you and your team, but also save personal time that you can spend on your own tasks and goals.

Another important factor in competent managing tasks is to use auxiliary tools, which can not only speed up all processes, but also automate and visualize them.

There are currently two types of managing task tools in use:

  • classic - paper cards on whiteboards or desktop

Not only the most inconvenient due to the complexity of control and the likelihood of simply losing an important task, but it is also unecological

  • modern and technologically advanced - electronic task scheduler programs

It allows you to quickly set up the task management process, always at hand due to the availability of mobile applications and easy to use thanks to various functions that make it easier to work with tasks.

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What a tasks manager app can offer?

As a rule every tasks manager programs meet all the requirements of the task lifecycle: 

  • they allow you to create lists of tasks
  • plan their implementation
  • monitor the process and evaluate the result

There are a huge number of task managers on the Internet, but we recommend using our service - LeaderTask - not only because this product is on the market for more than 10 years and it is used by thousands of personal and corporate users every day, but also because we use it ourselves to manage tasks and know all the needs in this process from our experience.

task mangement in LeaderTask

Why do I need to manage my tasks in LeaderTask?

LeaderTask fully meets all the requirements in the process of task management, and also simplifies it, as it
allows you to

  • create lists of tasks of any complexity thanks to the tree system of building tasks
  • set deadlines and time, turn on reminders for tasks
  • schedule each task in detail, attach files of any extension to it, create checklists, and
  • monitor the completion of tasks using the built-in chat with voice messages for each task
  • evaluate the result in the built-in tools for team productivity and status system for tasks

And also:

  • visualize tasks by highlighting them with colors or attaching tags to them
  • plan tasks in the calendar and daily planner
  • work in a team on common projects and tasks
  • build task management using the Kanban system in the LeaderTask Boards
  • track your task history with filters and sorting system
  • and much more

tasks managment in windows

Available on all platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web.

We have revealed all the main points in smart task management. We do not require their strict implementation, but their use will definitely lead you to success.

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