Team collaboration software LeaderTask

Each successful team needs a unique tool that will allow it to solve issues at maximum speed. And team collaboration software exists — it's LeaderTask.


Team collaboration software

What should allow a good collaboration software?

Professional collaboration software is an indispensable program in the arsenal of any company. After all, much depends on the professionalism of the team and their communication — from the execution of projects of any scale till the exchange of assignments for performance.
What the competent team collaboration software should contain:
  1. Ability to contact each other within the program.
  2. Ability to attach files to tasks so that all documents are stored in one place.
  3. Ability to allocate tasks to projects.
  4. Ability to break down tasks into subtasks.
All these possibilities are available in team collaboration software LeaderTask. Let's consider in more detail.
Team collaboration software LeaderTask

What is business collaboration software LeaderTask?

LeaderTask is an app, which is installed on every computer of your employees. As a result, each of them is integrated into a single business collaboration software, in which it can:
  • exchange tasks, files and orders;
  • contact on each task in a separately created chat;
  • give access to tasks to a certain number of persons;
  • highlight the most important thing and set reminders of all meetings;
  • record the details of the task in notes, etc.
So you only need a computer to work fully with business collaboration software LeaderTask. For example, our office has almost no paper — we don 't need it, because everything is fixed in the program.
And most importantly, LeaderTask helps in the implementation of any, even the largest projects.
Projects and other features in team collaboration software

Project collaboration software

As an excellent project collaboration software LeaderTask will allow your team to implement any projects. By means of:
  • The possibility of adding any number of participants to the project;
  • Combining tasks in any number;
  • Allocation of projects to subprojects, etc.
LeaderTask is developed on all popular platforms, including:
  1. Windows
  2. iOS
  3. Android
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Android
  6. Mac OS X
Try the excellent team collaboration software LeaderTask in action:
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