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Each of us has habits — they can be bad habits, and good ones. So keeping a to-do list is the second type. Yes, it's a habit that needs to be developed day after day until you get your head completely free. But why to do it? And most importantly how?

A do list is a list of your tasks for a certain period of time. Often, of course, this is all the tasks for the current day, but successful people make a list of things to do for the month ahead. It's a great talent to be such an organized person.

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To-do list for the day 

There are several clear rules for keeping a todo list for the day, formulated by the masters of time management. Let's try to follow them:

  • During the day try to do 3 or a maximum of 4 important things — always allocate an additional 15-20 minutes for each of them
  • When you perform your to-do list try to use any of the time management systems. How about, for example, Pomodoro?
  • In the morning immediately start those tasks that you do not want to work on at all. This will allow you to focus on more creative and interesting tasks throughout the next working day.

Lists to do in LeaderTask

On the Internet you can find a large number of applications with a to-do list, but we recommend the time-tested LeaderTask. You will be able to spread out all your cases by days, weeks, months, and even years in advance, save your head from unnecessary information, and the program itself will remind you of all the planned cases in time.

LeaderTask is implemented on several platforms, so you can download the app with lists to do right now for yourself on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows.

Why do I need to keep a to-do list on my devices?

Keeping a paper to-do list is a noble task, but it takes up too many resources -  paper and time. By downloading the application with a to-do list to your smartphone or PC you can work with your tasks as you like: visually highlight the most important tasks, transfer tasks from day to day in 2 clicks, control assignments — if you are a manager — and much more.

The to-do list will not make you work, but it will motivate you to get rid of the ubiquitous laziness and the feeling of “time to give up”. It's always nice to have a plan for the day ahead in front of your eyes, but if you want, leave yourself a couple of hours for free time.

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When is the best time to do planning?

To do this, experts advise you to allocate 5 minutes in the morning and evening. It is going to be enough to determine the list of tasks for the upcoming day and set priorities.

And the most important rule — do not be distracted by anything. If you are working on a task, do not switch to other things, rather focus on what you are doing. Then both the planning and the to-do list will become meaningful and effective.

We've covered all the most basic elements and rules for working with a to-do list. You should not obsessively follow all of them at once but choosing one of them is a mandatory attribute of success. Well, if you manage to invent your own system, which is more convenient for you personally, then be sure to tell us about it — and we will implement it on the basis of Leadertask!

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