Best to do list software with an integration of time management systems

To do list is the most necessary thing for any "modern" person. Every day each of us has a huge number of tasks, which we cant't remember.
It 's much easier to always have a todo list with you. How can we achieve that? Of course, installing on all your devices an excellent todo list software.

What is LeaderTask?

The most modern todo list software is LeaderTask. By means of this scheduler you can:
  • create todo list for the day, week, month and years ahead;
  • break down tasks into subtasks for 100% achievement of the set goals;
  • plan your work and personal affairs.
LeaderTask is a modern planner in which you can plan your todo's in one united to do list.

What can you do in LeaderTask?

Besides creating a todo list, you can do the following:
  • assign tasks to projects;
  • add your colleagues and subordinates to the app;
  • discuss tasks right in built-in chats;
  • use one of the time management systems implemented in LeaderTask via separate applications!
These tasks will be displayed on all devices:
  • on the pc;
  • on the smartphone;
  • on the tablet;
  • on smartwatch!
But LeaderTask wouldn 't be that good if its developers didn 't pay much of their attention to implementing time management systems.
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What time management systems does LeaderTask support?

Right inside the program you can always use one of the 50 introduced time management systems.
Good todo list software is the combination of such systems:
  • Pomodoro;
  • Getting Things Done;
  • Timing;
  • Eisenhower Matrix etc.
Try LeaderTask in action now - with a 7-day trial period. Download it by click on the button below:
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