5 Secret Features of LeaderTask

  1. Links to images in tasks
    You may attach a great number of files and images to a task when working in collaboration with your teammates. To make the work easier you can copy the file name (image) and give a link to it in a built-in chat of the task. This will allow you to avoid counting the order of one or another attached image. Just paste the link to tell your teammate what file to use at the given moment.

    Right click on an image then "Copy the file name" and finally paste it in the chat. You will see the link to this image. Your teammate just to click on the link to open the necessary file.
    It is very handy and saves time for detailed explanation.
  2. Change of lettering of tasks

    You don`t like the lettering? Too small size of letters?

    LeaderTask can help you deal with it!

    Go to Settings then to Tasks and notes and select the printing type you like. All tasks and notes to them will be updated. 

  3. View of tasks from your Calendar

    You want to know what to perform in the next three days? 

    Use the view of tasks right from the Calendar.


    Set the necessary period in the navigation panel of the Calendar and look through all your tasks for selected time.

    Look through your to-do lists in an easy and fast way!   

  4. Smart search in LeaderTask

    You want to get a file in LeaderTask or you can`t find contact details of your partner you left in one of the tasks` chat? 

    A hotkey that can find any data you need right now will help you do this. You can search everything you want: tasks, files, comments. 

    Press F3 for smart search and enter some keywords you think can help you find what you want. Then you will see all tasks, files and comments that match your keyword.


  5. Working days settings

    As a rule all office workers work standard working hours 09 a.m. - 06 p.m. but freelancers can have flextime. LeaderTask owns a very broad settings system and allows you to arrange your work according to your needs. 


    Choose the day that starts a week, set the beginning and the end of the day and specify days off.

    You`ve got your day flexible!

    All these instruments make managing work easy and effective!


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