The new bombastic version of LeaderTask - 14.1!
Lots of changes you asked us for...

We worked hard on the new version for long months and we are proud of the results!

A lot of new and useful that make working with LeaderTask faster and easier is integrated. Let's look at them step by step.

What is waiting for you in the version 14.1:

  1. New feature "Focus". This is the option you all need: put the focus on all tasks you are working on.

    It helps you to navigate in huge to-do lists: just focus yourself by highlighting a task. When you complete the task the focus takes off automatically.

    You can easily switch on the focus by clicking on its icon to the right of the name of the task. This is how to work with this feature:

    Also you can look at tasks where the focus is switched on. It is of use for example when you are going to plan the focus for tomorrow. Just push its menu item in the navigator:

    Let's go further. Next some changes in the interface that make working faster and more effective:

  2. The icon "Show completed tasks" in the top of the to-do list.

  3. Updated interface of the properties to the right — now everething is clear and elegant.

  4. The Option to hide the tool bar from the navigator.

  5. You work more with tags rather than with projects? Now you can change its position in the navigator upward to attach them to tasks faster (drug-and-drop).

  6. Brought back the old view of tags! By popular demand.

  7. Attention please! We performed some of your requests you addressed us over the last years. The pressure is on!

  8. Now you can appoint the administrator of your account, who can just as a Chief delete and add new colleagues. Just click right on the necessary colleague in the navigator and push "Set Admin" in a resulting menu.

  9. To check the day plan you can now just select all tasks.

    By the way, if you select several tasks at a time joint properties of these tasks open to the right. That's how you can edit several tasks at once!

  10. New sound for notifications! We can't describe it — just wait for the notification of your task and listen to this sound.

  11. Added cancel of wrong status setting. Ctrl + Z! We start working at full adoption of these magic buttons.

    They really save!

  12. You can download LeaderTask by the link below. To update the program please do the following: Menu->Help->Check for updates.
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