The calendar with reminders - what is it and why is it so handy

The calendar with reminders is a way of planning your affairs which is very often met in programs on all devices. A user sets goals in a separate window for every day and then checks up how further weeks are loaded. 

This scheme of work is comfortable for several reasons. First, the calendar shows four weeks ahead in an informative way - you can see high loaded days and days which are still free. In this case you can easily manage the work of your team. Second, using this tool you can initiate long-term planning for months ahead. 

Daily planner LeaderTask is endowed with several useful features which every modern planner should have.

calendar with reminders

First of all  the calendar is directly linked to your to-do lists. Selecting the period of time you need you will see all tasks for this period. The list of tasks is shown in the right window of the program.

to-do list on calendar

Moreover as mentioned above the day planner is integrated with the calendar - that’s why you can set reminders. Every date in the calendar has a timeline by hours - the beginning and the end of the day can be changed in the settings of the program. 

Use the calendar in LeaderTask and share your plans with the team!


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