Time management tools - from daily to longterm working

Time management is a complex of techniques focused on improving the efficiency in different spheres of life. Pareto principle says that 80% of the result are covered by 20% of you efforts. In order not to waste your time and accomplish the maximum of tasks for a day it is important to know different techniques. Our daily planner LeaderTask allows you to work according to different time management systems. Let's find out what fits best for you.

time management tools

For every day: 

With help of time management techniques you can organize accomplishing urgent affairs that come to you day by day.   

  • Urgent-important matrix. This is a traditional tool dividing all your tasks into four groups to focus your attention only on the most important and urgent;
  • Pomodoro timer. A classic system of work — 25 of hard work then 5 of rest. Set the time, don't get distracted and the program tell you the time to have a rest;
  • GTD-assistant. This is a master that asks you some questions and sort your tasks according to your answers;
  • Timing. It is of important to trace how much time you spend for this or that tasks. Entrust it all to this special extension. 

Long-term Planning:

  • Goal Staircase. Setting your tasks for months and years ahead;
  • Regular task table. Repeating tasks can be set for a long perspective — this way it's much easy to control your own efficiency;
  • Wheel of life. Successful people often plan their time irregularly: more time spent for work and travelling and less for family and health. This extension will help you avoid this disbalance; 
  • SMART assistant. This is a tool for right goals` formulating. The right way to set goals you can watch in our video in YouTube.

Every person is a individual and some time management systems fit to some people. It is important to try all of them and find the most effective. Then you'll forget of useless days spent and reach your goals for sure.  


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