Voice management of plans

Just say what you have to do

You can now plan right in action, in a lift or in a taxi. Just ask the voice assistant to add a task in LeaderTask. The task management should be effective and the smart adding will take care of it.

voice input of tasks

Adding of task with the voice in LeaderTask

How it works

You can think over your affairs on the way to a meeting or an office and if you have a new idea there is no need to spend time typing a new task. Just switch on the voice assistant in your smartphone.


  • For IPhone - “Add a note in LeaderTask, prepare the sales report”;
  • For Android - “Add a note, prepare the sales report”

Then a new task is added in the “Unsorted” section of LeaderTask. Thanks to the syncing you can work with is on any device. All you need to do is just set a date for this task.

Give a command

Don’t miss any insignificant affair just because it is very uncomfortable to add it right now and on the move. 

New ways of solving complicated tasks demand your attention as well. Note ideas, reminders to get in touch with a client by adding tasks with voice commands - just like you have a real assistant. Your planner will remember everything!


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