Meet the new LeaderTask for Windows 15.2

Over the past two months of the Winter, we have prepared for you several major updates of LeaderTask for desktop PCs.

Today we will tell you, and you will appreciate the new functionality, visual developments and correction of annoying errors in the program.

This release for Windows creates a great reserve for the future - the development of the entire LiderTask system. LeaderTask for Windows is the benchmark for all other platforms and will remain so for a long time.

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban

Since the beginning of the year, we have been actively engaged in the development of Boards in LeaderTask - Kanban. We believe this functionality is the most promising and soon Kanban in LeaderTask will appear on other platforms.

We received a lot of feedback from you on this functionality and most of the suggestions were really implemented in the program.

The updated Boards have become not only more convenient and faster, but also have new functionality!

Now more about the new Kanban in LeaderTask 15.2 for Windows:

  • Improved teammates` access to Boards. Now it is not difficult to change the access rights of a teammate. Just go to the properties of the Board you need and change the rights from reading to editing and vice versa

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Access

  • For convenience, we moved the “Add Card " button from the basement to the column name or under the last column card (if there is one)

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban_Add_Card

  • In addition, we added a highlight of the card when hovering and navigating in the Boards by mouse capture - fast movement to the right and left
  • In the new version, you can transfer cards from one Board to another. Just grab one of the cards and move it to the desired Board in the Navigator
  • But that's not all - make tasks out of the cards. Move the card to the Calendar or any section of the Navigator and it will automatically create a task with the appropriate parameters 
  • Also, to quickly change the parameters, we made the "Properties" button right in the Boards and moved it to the upper-right corner of the window
  • Accelerated editing of the names of columns and cards - double click and you are already editing the name of the Board, the column or card you need
  • We made a full-fledged window of card properties. All parameters are now edited in one place

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban_Card_Properties

  • Thus, in the context menu, the card has only 2 options left: delete and properties
  • The ability to set the cover has been added to the card properties dialog. Attach images not only from your computer, but also from the clipboard
  • The date of its creation was added to the properties of the card
  • Links in the card name and in the note are now active
  • You can now set a budget for each card. And that's not all - all the cards` budgets are summed up and displayed at the column name.

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban_Budget

But that's not all. We did not forget about the LeaderTask itself.


  • Cross to reset the parameter in the task properties - moved it from the rightmost position closer to the button

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban_Cross

  • Feature ”Contacts" is back in the task properties - you can set them by right clicking on the properties

LeaderTask_ 15.2_Kanban_Contacts


  • When the task was black or very dark, the set “Focus" was not visible on it. Now everything is OK - you can see:)
  • The point on the date in the Calendar in the Navigator was not displayed if the task was assigned for this day

We never stand still and every day we take a small, then a big step towards the development of the product. And this development is designed for you.

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