Why managers prefer electronic organizers

It's hard to argue the statement that any long-running work starts from a well-thought-out planning. Collecting and sorting are the right way not to miss the whole volume of work. 

Over the last twenty years the use of organizers and planners significantly changed. No longer managers use printed organizers but digital systems which can provide many useful tools for planning where the whole team is up to date with all changes.


organizer Lidertask


Organizers turned to be popular among team leaders for several reasons. Let’s take some characteristics of such apps using the example of LeaderTask planner:

  1. Tree-like structure - every task can have several subtasks (this way you can structure your to-do lists);

  2. Individual colored tags;

  3. Files with different extensions - you can attach files to any task (tables, photos etc.);

  4. Checklists and lists of goals;

  5. Focusing on the main (using a built-in tool);

  6. Reminders and notifications;

  7. Daily planner;

  8. Sorting and filters;

  9. Smart search and history of tasks;

  10. Personalized settings for every user.


Besides all the above listed features every user can install a widget for a browser, use special extensions for effective time management, unite all materials and tasks in projects (folders), create tasks right from emails, reassign tasks to teammates and work offline. All these functions are available for you, just start using our smart organizer LeaderTask!



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