Collaborative software for your business

Business - is your team. And the team always needs to be controlled. The easiest way to do this is with the special and simple collaborative software LeaderTask.
Collaborative software for your business

What makes LeaderTask so special?

LeaderTask is a team collaboration tool that allows you to control the work of your entire company.
So, in LeaderTask you can:
  1. create to-do lists for yourself and your employees;
  2. send assignments to your employees;
  3. monitor the progress of the execution of this assignment;
  4. correspond with the performer in the built-in chat;
  5. attach to the task all the necessary files and documents.
Collaborative software LeaderTask was created specifically for your business: unite all your employees in one single system.
Collaborative software for your business

Teamwork in LeaderTask

LeaderTask has a ton of useful features for your entire team.
For example, you can combine tasks in common projects and provide access to them to a certain circle of people.
So, everyone can know who is doing what. In addition, in LeaderTask, your team can:
  1. realize projects of any scale;
  2. assign tasks to each other;
  3. also communicate with each other in the built-in chat rooms.
Collaborative software for your business
In addition, all assignments have deadlines: so, you can always control the work of all your employees.

Team and time

LeaderTask combines over 50 time management techniques. This factor is extremely important for a full-fledged team collaboration tool.
In collaborative software LeaderTask you can use:
  1. Gantt chart;
  2. Pomodoro;
  3. Orgstructure;
  4. Wheel of life, etc.
In addition, as additional apps, we have implemented many statistical systems of additional programs. Try LeaderTask right now:
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