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Price comparison of LeaderTask

for 1 year and 1 user!
Tasks, subtasks
Daily planner
Task colors
no more than 25 projects
Offline mode
Updates to all new versions
Data storage in the cloud**
Access to the to-do list from Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac
Tasks assignment*
Common projects*
Tasks creation from emails
Creation of the data backup
Projects export
Print of the to-do list, hourly schedule, task's note
Filters directory
Tasks filtration
Tasks search
Files attachment to tasks
Repeated tasks
Tasks sorting
Cloud volume 1 GB
United employees list*
Centralized accounts payment*
* Functions will only work in a license from two users
** The synchronized database is deleted after 6 months from the moment of the last synchronization completely and irrevocably

We foresee your questions


Purchase of LeaderTask is not expense, but investment. LeaderTask will help you to save a lot of time and to work many times more effectively. Besides remember how many money you leave in bar or restaurant for one visit. The cost of LeaderTask is less than this sum.

Competitors are cheaper

Yes, there are products cheaper. Compare them to LeaderTask in practice, and you will understand that they are cheaper because they are weaker than LeaderTask.

There is no necessary features

We have the Market. It's the shop where you can buy additional features for LeaderTask.

There is no time, there is no time to be engaged in introduction

Installation and training of the work with LeaderTask take half an hour. This microinvestment will pay off already on the day after tomorrow. Besides we will provide you all necessary training materials and the personal manager. Perhaps, you don't have enough time because you don't use LeaderTask?

You have still questions?

Ask them to our experts.