How to create a project / project in the application on Android?

To create a project in the Android version of the app:

  1. Open the Navigator
  2. In the "Projects" section, click the "Add project" button» 
  3. Enter the name of the project
  4. Click "OK»

To create a subproject:

  1. Open the Navigator
  2. Go to "Settings", then: Data - Projects
  3. Press the round button" +»
  4. Enter the name of the project
  5. Click the check mark button (top right)
  6. Open the menu of the newly created project (use long press) and select "Move up»
  7. Perform the previous operation until the project is under the desired project
  8. Call the project menu again and select Move right»
  9. The project will be under the project
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