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Tasks and tree structure

Tasks in LeaderTask are all your business that you need to do. You can color tasks and set a date for their execution.
When you create a task, you fit its name and add different content, notes, checklists, and various files.
Tasks can set statuses, copy links to access tasks, and send links inside tasks (to third-party resources, links to local files, links to attachments).
Boards in LeaderTask

Boards (KanBan) in LeaderTask

The most visual way to organize your work in LeaderTask.
Manage projects on your own and in a team, visualize goals, create a meal plan or medication schedule - Boards can easily help you control all areas of your life.


Add color tags from a standard set or create your own by custom settings. Enter a name and choose a color as you wish.
You can also sort tasks in LeaderTask with specific tags.


Designates tasks with a color from a standard palette or adds a new color named. Colors help you navigate tasks or focus on the most important ones. If you color tasks of the same category, you will be able to find them more quickly among a large list.
You can also configure LeaderTask to sort by color to find tasks, such as tasks by a single topic.

Files for tasks

To any task you can attach any files: images, documents, links, archive and not only.
If you are working with a team, you can also send files to another employee 's task.
All files are inside tasks and you have access to them even when the task is complete.
To find files, you 'll just need to use a search within the program.


In tasks, in addition to sending files, you add checklists. The checklist in LeaderTask is a list of items. These items can be crossed out if you check the box inside the item.
But that 's not all, in the planner you can print checklists if you need them in a paper version.

Recurring tasks

LeaderTask has notifications installed for repeating tasks. Setting up these notifications is very flexible.
In addition to setting up notifications: daily, weekly, annual, and according to your individual conditions, which you set yourself.


To concentrate your attention among a large number of tasks will help the function in the LeaderTask called "Focus." You will see your tasks on the home screen and not be distracted by secondary affairs.
The focus task differs from tags and color fills in that it is in a separate work window. In addition to the highlighting itself on the home screen.

Reminders and notifications

Notifications is an informational message that you see as pop-ups. Notifications may be set by you or you may receive notifications from others who work with you.
You can move the notification window throughout the workspace or close it if it prevents you from performing tasks.

Smart notifications

Smart notifications are a special tool that keeps you up to date, informs you of your plans for a day and helps collaborate with your team.

To-do lists

The LeaderTask has different to-do lists. This is a to-do list for today, for tomorrow and for any day you plan tasks on. Each such list you can view or even allocate a few days and find out what tasks you have planned for this period.
To-do lists with "Overdue" or "Unsorted" tasks. One of the key lists is "In Progress" and if you work on a team, the to-do lists with the name "Unread", "Ready".

Daily planner and your schedule

Daily schedule of your day for today, week, month, year and any selected date.
In LeaderTask, you can schedule daily tasks in advance.

Sorting and filtration

Set up sorting according to your wishes. You can sort tasks by date, tag, color, project, column, ascending, descending. And also use filtering by standard parameters or by individual parameters. Set up a task type for ease of use in the LeaderTask.

Smart search

Search the LeaderTask will help to find the information you are interested in. A quick command that will find any data needed to view as a matter of urgency. Search for tasks, files, comments. Find everything you need.

History of tasks

To compile an analysis of the work done or to remember what you did last week will help the archive of completed tasks.
The history of ready-made tasks will also help to see the performance of employees or find the necessary information in closed cases.

Customization of settings

Flexible program settings for each user. Set your LeaderTask for yourself.
A wide selection of calendar, home screen, task, notification, backup settings. Create your own workspace where you can work comfortably.

Widgets for browsers

They will help you create a task directly from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The task is created in LeaderTask with the name of the tab from the site, and the task can retain a link to the site, a screenshot, or a piece of text.
To create such a task, you just need to install the extension and click one of the buttons in it when the LeaderTask plugin is already in your browser.

Creating tasks from emails

Create a task from email to one click by sending an email to:
You do not have to copy the text, just forward the letter, and it is converted to a task in the LeaderTask and will appear in the program in the "Unsorted" tab.


Projects are created for tasks with a specific theme. Projects have their name and a large structure of subprojects and tasks with subtasks, which are contained in it.
Projects can be for work cases, for personal tasks, or for any other category. All task data in projects is open for viewing and working with them.

Teamwork - task assignment

Assignments and task transfers from managers or your colleagues. Control assignments and make edits, send tasks for rework.
For assignments in LeaderTask there are tabs on the main screen: "Assigned by me", "Assigned to me", as well as for ready-made tasks: "Ready" or "Unread", when there are changes in assigned tasks.

Common projects

Collaborate in common projects. Add project participants and discuss internal tasks. Make comments, send files to projects, monitor the progress of each participant. Work on one big target.

Individual access to tasks

Access tasks for employees. It can be one person or several. You can also allow work with the task by clicking on the link. This is a new, expected feature that will appear in LeaderTask the near future. The link can be inserted into the task text or in the conversation itself so that the employee can quickly navigate to it.

God Mode - view employee tasks

It is the right of the superadmistrator to monitor and control tasks of employees in LeaderTask. He has all the data on your tasks. It sees all targets, statuses, files, and other data and can view them at any time. Keep abreast of your company 's processes - this command helps.

Roles of team

The LeaderTask assigns setting roles to specific individuals who may have priority in the program. This is an administrator, a super administrator, an observer, an executive, and a customer. Everyone's rights are different.

Offline Mode and Syncing

LeaderTask allows you to keep on working even if you are offline (e.g. in a plane). Continue working with tasks and when you are finely online all data will be synced to cloud and then to your teammates.

Productivity of your team

This feature allows you make the teamwork more effective. The productivity rank and the diagram of completed tasks help you have a broad view of your team efficiency.
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