Features of LeaderTask

Manage your employees simply and reliably! Control assignments, complete projects in time, receive the total review of all business!

To-do lists

Create to-do lists for every day


Break large tasks into more small-sized tasks. Organize them in trees. In LeaderTask there is no restriction on enclosure depth

Planning of any day in the future

Select any day from the calendar, even next year, and make the plan of operations for this day

Notes on tasks

Write all details according to the task

Hourly schedule of day

Use an analog of the paper daily log

Hourly schedule of week

Easily you make changes in the week schedule: move tasks for other time and day, change duration, update statements or simply cancel irrelevant


Create projects and subprojects

Unforget mechanism

All overdued tasks are automatically transferred to the to-do list for today. Thus you will not forget about any overdued task

Painting of tasks in arbitrary color

Highlight the necessary tasks with color. All color palette is available


Attach tags to tasks — color labels with text

Attaching files

Attach any files to tasks: photos, documents, audio recordings and other


Do not miss any important task! Reminders are shown on all devices: computer, tablet and smartphone


Assign tasks to the employees also control their execution
* Available only in paid - version when purchased from 2 users

Full-fledged offline mode

In case of switch-off of the Internet you will be able to use all functions of the program

Conversion of emails to tasks

Send emails to the special address Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. Emails will automatically be transformed to tasks.


The checklist will allow the employee to complete the task by paragraphs, and the director to monitor the stages of work on the task. Step by step describe the steps to complete the task.

chek list


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