Smart notifications


Smart notification system is your personal and team assistant which keeps you informed of things you planned to do, your daily results and helps you working in a team.

Efficiency notifications

Inform you of your tasks for today, motivate to work and helps you plan time properly.

Smart notifications in LeaderTask

Morning notifications tell you about your plans for a day:

  • number of your own tasks to do 
  • number of tasks assigned to you
  • number of overdue tasks - in other words tasks which term has already expired

Evening notifications give you brief statistics over your results for the day:

  • number of tasks you completed
  • number of tasks awaiting for you

Access notifications

These notifications help you know to what tasks and projects you are granted access by your teammates. 
This way you are always informed about what is going on in your team. 

Granted access in LeaderTask


They let you know about useful features of LeaderTask which make your work in the app and with your tasks fast and easy.

Notification-tips in LT

Also these tips tell you about things you planned to do but haven`t accomplished yet and warn you when your teammates are out of tasks and they have nothing to do.

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