Get all your things done with LeaderTask

To get things done you must have a great app to schedule. Such an app exists - LeaderTask.
PIM manager LeaderTask

What is LeaderTask

LeaderTask is a planner that allows you to compose to-do lists for a day, week, month and even years to come.
Get things done is the mission of every self-respecting person. So we've created LeaderTask for:
  1. Businessmen who have a hard time controlling all their meetings and affairs;
  2. Heads of departments so that you can bring all your subordinates together in one programm;
  3. Ordinary people who have a lot to do every day.
Why does LeaderTask contain the word "leader"? Because this planner is the best tool for every manager.
In addition to the features listed in the LeaderTask, you can:
  1. Create assignments for your subordinates.
  2. Display certain deadlines and monitor the progress of the task.
  3. Visually highlight all the most important using color and tags.
  4. Write to the task performer in the built-in chat.
  5. Combine tasks into projects, thus achieving even more.
And that 's just a small fraction of all the features that contain LeaderTask. How about time management?
LeaderTask time management

LeaderTask & time management

Time management is a very important component to get all things done. Good planning is the heart of the success of all cases.
The LeaderTask implements most of the known time management systems. For example:
  • Pomodoro.
  • Gantt chart.
  • Mind maps.
  • Eisenhower matrix.
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen.
Get all your things done with LeaderTask.

Where can I use LeaderTask?

We created the LeaderTask for your convenience. So you can use LeaderTask on the following platforms:
  1. Android.
  2. iOS.
  3. Windows.
  4. Mac OS X.
  5. Apple Watch.
  6. Android Wear etc.
Create a single to-do list and have access to it from anywhere on the planet, from any device.
To get things done, you need an assistant. Congratulations! You found it - at the link below:
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