How to delegate without loss of quality?

It's so hard to trust someone to do a job in your business or your department. But how to delegate art includes several rules to ensure that the quality of work only grows. Let's consider them in more details.
How to delegate without loss of quality

Delegate only urgent and not important tasks

There is such a time management technique - Eisenhower matrix. It allows you to categorize all your tasks into 4 categories:
  1. Urgent and important.
  2. Not urgent and important.
  3. Urgent and not important.
  4. Not urgent and important.
The first category is performed by you. Category #2 is also performed by you. In general, the ideal to-do list does not contain tasks from the "Urgent and Important" quadrant. Competent planning excludes all urgent planning.
But category #3 is something you should delegate to your subordinates. To the category "Not urgent and not important" we say goodbye.

Monitor the progress of assignments

The question "how to delegate?" includes apections of control: trust but verify.
Each task you assign to your employee must be completed 100%, with full compliance with the deadline.
It's desirable that all these requirements be combined in a single system. And such a program exists - its name is LeaderTask.
In LeaderTask, you can quietly delegate your tasks to your employees because:
  1. You will always be able to follow the deadlines of each task;
  2. Communicate with the performer in the built-in chat off each task;
  3. Attach all necessary files and documents to the task;
  4. Give access to common projects to a certain number of employees.
In addition, in LeaderTask you can plan all your tasks for the day, week, month and years ahead.
You still think about how to delegate? Try it in action right now:
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