How to remember all forthcoming affairs

Did you have such situations when you forgot about some business? You remembered about it all week, represented how you will execute this business, and then time, and at the most inappropriate moment it escaped from attention.
My colleague got into such situation on the eve of the important action. It was necessary to be prepared for an event: to send till Friday a suit to a dry-cleaner. He recalled this task every day. And in the environment he overworked and forgot. He recalled only on Friday when was already late.
That such troubles did not occur, it is necessary to write all affairs in the scheduler, and then to distribute them on days. Further everything is simple: in the morning you open the to-do list for today, and your attention will lose nothing!

Write all forthcoming tasks in LeaderTask

Distribute affairs on days in the calendar

At the beginning of every day you watch the to-do list for today

Click for any day in the calendar and you watch the to-do list for chosen day

Create reminders for especially important issues

At the right time they will appear on a computer desktop and also in notification area on the smartphone
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