How to begin perfoming of any affairs easy

The most difficult in any business is to begin.
You regularly postpone some business. You promise yourself that you will be engaged in it since Monday. You justify youselves the fact that there are more urgent tasks.
You do not take the first step. Business does not move a little. The conscience begins is interested to look in your side.
LeaderTask helps to begin execution of any business easily. Without tortures and efforts!
Secret — in magic technology of microactions.

Technology of microactions

The essence of technology is that any business can be broken into more small-sized tasks. We call them microactions. Such parts of large business are executed for very short time: from several minutes till an hour. The plan for day is formed from several microactions.

Add the forthcoming tasks in LeaderTask

Break it into more small-sized affairs

The tree structure will turn out: at the first level — business, on the second — subtasks is located.

Break tasks of the second level into microactions

If business's difficult, you can require to create several nested levels:

Distribute microactions on days in the calendar

Use the rule:
One microaction shall be assigned for today

Click today in the calendar and execute microaction

Cheers! The first step is taken!

Did you experience how it is easy?

Every morning you watch the to-do list for today

Execute microactions, and your hard business will be completed very soon:
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