How to turn dreams into the purposes and to reach them

Since the childhood we get used to the idea that the majority of dreams does not come true. It is bad practice. So shall not be. Any dream shall become a reality.
We want to share technology which allows to fulfill any dream with guarantee.
Let's go!
Create the separate project to add your dreams in it.
Add everything in this project what you dream of. For each dream create the task:
Define the most important dream at the moment. Drag it in the upper part of the list:
Further the dream needs to be turned into the purpose. It is simple. It is necessary to reformulate only a dream, conforming to 5 rules:
  1. Target a specific area for improvement.
  2. Quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
  3. Specify who will do it (if you can't).
  4. State what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
  5. Specify when the result(s) can be achieved.
Reformulate the purpose taking into account rules:
Now your dream turned into the purpose.
Create the Purposes project and drag a dream in this project:
Define stages of achievement of the goal. Add each stage in the form of a subtask:
As a result the following pattern will turn out:
Further each stage needs to be broken into more small-sized affairs. Splitting needs to be continued until all affairs do not take less than a day. That is if business can be executed in one day, then it is not required to paint it further.
Shall such tree will turn out here:
Further it is necessary to distribute tasks on specific days in the calendar. For this purpose just drag the task for the necessary day. After the task is bound, in its line date will be displayed:
Every day look in the section "Today" in the navigator. Affairs which need to be executed in today will be displayed there:
Remember that each executed business is a one small step to execution of a dream.
All your dreams will surely come true!
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