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Do you want to store all data of LeaderTask on internal servers of the company? We have created for this purpose a box version of the program, and we are ready to work on it under specifics of your business!
Advantages of the box version!
All data are stored only in your company
Fast and high-quality completion from the manufacturing company
The termless license with updates within the first 12 months
Support of Windows and Android platforms
We will do it so that integration of LeaderTask into your business was «painless»
We will work on and add with features are necessary for you
We will consult on installation of LeaderTask on your server
We will ensure safety of all your data at the time of transition
Server's minimum system requirements::
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Pro edition or higher)
2-cores processor (Intel, AMD)
2 Gb RAM
The free 100 MB on a disk for installation of a server component
Open port 443 (https protocol)
Library .Net Framework 4
MS SQL 2008 Express (free)
The license cost for 1 user — $88. One-time payment.
Use termless the latest (as purchased) version of the program
The cost of 12 months of updates for 1 user — $57