Install LeaderTask on computers, smartphones, tablets of employees. Assign tasks, make the plan of works for each employee, control performance progress: exchange comments on tasks, approve result or send back for correction.
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All features for the effective business management Start working on your new project in LeaderTask, Your team and you turn to be more productive than ever before.

  • Tasks & Subtasks
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Colors
  • Filtering
  • Projects
  • Notes
  • Common projects
  • Printing task lists and the scheduler
  • Offline mode
  • Program update
  • Cloud data storage
  • Access to tasks on Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Assign tasks
  • Tags
  • Common groups of contacts
  • Creation tasks from emails
  • Backup
  • Data export
  • 1 Gb of cloud volume
  • United staff list
  • Centralized purchasing of accounts
  • Over two users

Apps for main platforms

Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad
Install app LeaderTask
  • PCs Windows
  • Devices Android
  • Smartphones iPhone
  • Tablets iPad
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For whom LeaderTask will be useful?

For companies of any scale and any field of activity
  • Small companies from 2 to 10 employees
  • Large enterprises from 10 to 100 employees
  • Corporations over 1000 employees
  • Industry
  • Banking
  • Trade business
  • Public services
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Health care
  • Service industry
  • Armed forces
  • Education
  • Transport

Possibilities of the LeaderTask app

  • Assign and control tasks
  • Send tasks for revision
  • Manage several projects
  • Attach files to tasks
  • You store all information in one place
  • Create workplans for yourself and employees
  • You can find information quickly
  • Don't forget about any important issue

Look of the workplace LeaderTask

Maximum Safety

Your data always on protection
  • Encryption of transmitted data, SSL encryption)
  • All information in the protected cloud or on your server
  • Failover cluster Microsoft Azure
  • Standard of safety ISO27001
  • Daily backup

Who already uses LeaderTask

2100 companies already use LeaderTask

Work together with employees

Employees can be anywhere
  • Your employees can be in an every spot on the globe
  • Work with them as though they were in office
  • Assign tasks, exchange comments on tasks
  • Create any common plans of works on projects

Free training of the user

We will train you to use LeaderTask for free
  • 50 minutes of video: about all features in details
  • 10 useful emails with the training councils
  • 11 articles for concrete professions
  • Personal manager, unlimited consultations

Simple introduction

Introduction of LeaderTask doesn't demand buy-in the equipment, high qualification of workers and financial expenses
  • 1
    Assign to all employees to download and install LeaderTask
  • 2
    Create the organization in a personal account, add emails of your employees to the organization
  • 3
    Ready! Begin to assign tasks

High quality support service

We will help you to ask any questions
  • We're online from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM UTC+03 Monday through Friday
  • During the working day - the instant answer
  • We will help to introduce, we will teach to use, we will answer any questions

Benefits for your company

LeaderTask will help to organize working process
  • Each employee will have an accurate plan of works per day, week, month
  • Assignments will be executed precisely in time
  • Managers will be able to control more projects at the same time
  • Managers of departments will always know, than their subordinates are busy
  • Managers will be able quickly to learn in what stage are works on the project
  • Employees will get rid of "total forgetfulness"
  • Employees will get rid of heap of papers and notes on a desktop
  • Works involving all hands at the beginning and the end of month will disappear
  • There will be an opportunity to manage the company out of office, by menas of the smartphone and the tablet
  • Employees will be able to work with tasks and assignments even offline


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