One PIM manager — on all your devices

Keeping all your business under control is very difficult in the face of the speed of today 's world. However by means of the excellent PIM manager software this task can be closed.
A great example of such app is LeaderTask.
PIM manager LeaderTask

PIM Manager LeaderTask

What are the key tasks PIM manager should perform?
  1. Control all your tasks.
  2. Manage work and personal time.
  3. Reminders of upcoming events, meetings.
  4. Structure of all documents and their distribution by projects.
All of these tasks can be accomplished with LeaderTask. There is only one program implemented on the following platforms:
  1. Windows.
  2. Mac OS X.
  3. Android.
  4. Android Wear.
  5. iOS.
  6. Apple Watch.
You can create a single to-do list on all your devices, access it wherever you are. Even on the plane, because LeaderTask can work offline.

What else does PIM manager LeaderTask know?

In addition to the above features, PIM manager LeaderTask allows you to:
  • group tasks by project;
  • split tasks into subtasks to facilitate their execution by 100%;
  • combine all your team into a single system of assignments;
  • visually highlight the most important using color and tags.
That's only 1/100 of opportunities of the PIM manager LeaderTask. How about time-management?
PIM manager LeaderTask

Time management in LeaderTask

A good PIM manager helps its owner control his working and personal time. In LeaderTask you can use several time management systems for this purpose:
  1. Pomodoro.
  2. GTD.
  3. Gantt chart.
  4. Eisenhower matrix.
  5. Wheel of life etc.
Try LeaderTask in action now:
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