Plugins for LeaderTask

For developers
You can develop plugins for LeaderTask. It is simple. We provide examples, documentation and consultations.

How to start

How to instal plugins:
  1. Create a folder with the name Plugins in the LeaderTask folder
  2. Copy plugin files into it (*.ltdll)
  3. Restart LeaderTask
  4. The item "Tools" appears in the Menu, there you can launch plugins

Google Calendar Import

The plugin imports your events from Google into the calendar of LeaderTask.

Plugin for FireFox and Chrome

The Plugin places the item "Add in LeaderTask" in the browser Menu. The current link is sent from the browser into the Inbox of LeaderTask.

Export in MDB

The plugin for exporting the whole database in a MDB file.

Import/Export of the iCal format

Export in iCal: the plugin exports LeaderTask Calendar, this means tasks in the calendar.
Import out of iCal: the plugin imports tasks (events) out of iCal into LeaderTask.
Via this plugin you can load calendars from Google Calendar and Yandex Calendar and vice versa.

Import/Export of the vCard format

Export in vCard: The plugin exports all contacts or a certain contact in the vCard format (For example to transfer in Google Contacts).
Import out of vCard : The plugin imports all contacts of the vCard file into the contacts of LeaderTask.

Import/Export of the MindManager format

Export in MindManager: the plugin exports either all tasks (export all tasks in the main Menu of the program) or a tree of tasks (select in the task menu) in the MindManager format (mind map).
Import out of MindManager: the plugin imports data out of MindManager in the main task of a tree of tasks in LT (in the Inbox), or in a task which is going to be the main for imported tasks.
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