The program «Import and export of mind maps»

Import mind maps to LeaderTask. Export and turn projects from LeaderTask into mind maps.

Purchase: $17,90

How does it work

You can work with "Import and export of mind maps" program only in LeaderTask for Windows.

Create the mind map in the MindManager program, save it as a .xmmap file, then import to LeaderTask. The project will be automatically created. Inside him you will find the "tree" of tasks repeating structure of your mind map.

Also you can export your projects into the mind map. Select any project from LeaderTask, export it to the mind map (.xmmap file), then import a map to the MindManager program.

For whom it is useful

The program "Import and export of mind maps" will be useful for all users who wants to create mental maps and to turn them into to-do lists.

What can it do

  • Import of mind maps (.xmmap format).
  • Export of projects to mind maps (.xmmap format)

New versions

Updates of the «Import and export of mind maps» program are free!

Purchasing for several users

If you want your employees use the "Import and export of mind maps" as well - just purchase the program for the necessary number of users.

Use the credit card or PayPal. Companies can pay via check-prepayment.

Programs from Market can`t be synchronized with other devices.
The data are kept on a single device.

Purchase: $17,90

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