The program «Leave of employees»

Construct the evident leave schedule

Purchase: $89,90

For whom it is useful

Note! This plugin will work only in the Premium version of the program.

The program will be useful for HR department, project managers, heads of departments, the CEO — for those who manage people.

Be aware who and when goes on leave

Open a window of addition of the leave:

Choose the employee, date of leaving and date of return. If it's required, write the note.

Done! Leave days will be added to the calendar.

Note in the calendar business trips, diseases and truancies

Choose the necessary event in a window of addition of the leave:

Available events:

  • Leave
  • Business trip
  • Disease
  • Truancy
  • Unpaid leave

Done! The event will be added in the calendar.

Exclude situations when 2 and more employees go on leave at the same time

Crossings of leaves are well visible in the calendar.

Quickly solve whom to send to the forthcoming business trip

Check out which of employees didn't make a business trip long ago:

Check out how often employees leave sick


Is it possible to use the program separately from LeaderTask

You can work only inside LeaderTask.

What platforms are supported for working in this program

The program is intended only for the Windows.

Is it necessary to pay for new versions

No. Updates of Leave of employees are free!

Purchasing for several users

If you want your employees use the Leave of employees as well - just purchase the program for the necessary number of users.

Use the credit card or PayPal. Companies can pay via check-prepayment.

Programs from Market can`t be synchronized with other devices.
The data are kept on a single device.

Purchase: $89,90

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