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How it works

The experience of Timing is very simple: you expose time which needs to be planned for performance of a task (or assignment if it's a task for your subordinate). This parameter is called Plan.

As soon as work on a task begins, the performer has to expose the status "In progress", and Timing will reckon time which is spent on the solution of a task upon. Actually, this indicator and is called — the Fact.

As the result you will have not only the carried-out task, but also all statistics of workwjhat time is spent, what was planned, are your employees (or you) productive or not, etc.

For whom it is useful

Timing will be useful for those who have employees and also for those people who want to be productive!

Available opportunities

Set the plan for each task

  • The count of real time which has been spent
  • Elementary visual comparison of the Plan and Fact
  • Definition weak and strengths of employees thanks to the analysis of results

Exclusive convenience of work

Timing — an evident indicator that all ingenious is simple! Only 2 indicators — and such improbable benefit!

Feature is realized on all our platforms

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Web

Is it necessary to pay for new versions

No. Updates of Timing are free!

Purchasing for several users

If you want your employees use the Timing as well - just purchase the program for the necessary number of users.

Use the credit card or PayPal. Companies can pay via check-prepayment.

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