Program for management and assignments in any level business

Did you search for a program for management and assignments? Congrats, you did it. LeaderTask — perfect choice for all managers and departments.
Program for management and assignments

Why LeaderTask?

LeaderTask is a great program for management and assignments with thousands of built-in features.
The app is a very "flexible" and fast system in which you can:
  • unite the whole team;
  • create assignments for your subordinates;
  • use built-in chats on every task;
  • keep all files on the task in one place;
  • control the dedlines and quality of execution of assignments.
You can also use one or more of the 50 built-in time management systems in the LeaderTask. This is very useful for a modern company seeking leadership in the market.

LeaderTask for personal business

In addition to your work activities in LeaderTask, you can control your entire life.
So, no one prevents you from adding your entire family to the LeaderTask to share, for example, in-store shop list.
Very convenient: you go home from work, and your partner sends you a shop list in the form of a check-list inside the task:
Check list

What about time management in LeaderTask

When we developed the program for management and assignments LeaderTask, we sought excellence. And the main aspect of the app implementation was the introduction of time management techniques.
By using LeaderTask, you can also use one or more time management systems:
  1. Pomodoro.
  2. Gantt chart.
  3. Getting things done by David Allen.
  4. Goals staircase etc.
It 's only a small fraction of what you can create by mean of LeaderTask. Learn the program:
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