Your to-do app for iOS, Android and Windows

Everyone needs to have in the smartphone or on pc some app which will send notifications about upcoming deals. By the way it would be cool if it was service with clients for iOS, Android, Windows, etc. I.e. uniform to-do list on all your devices. We have the solution! There’s one app which can create to-do lists for Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
LeaderTask — the main feature of your life

LeaderTask — the main feature of your life

The name of such app is LeaderTask. You can work with LeaderTask anywhere: this service have one and only offline mode therefore you can create tasks for yourself or for your employees from the train, airplane, from any country without Wifi. All tasks will be added after Internet connection.
LeaderTask can:
  1. Create to-do lists for a day, week, month and years ahead.
  2. Send notifications about upcoming deals or overdue tasks (but the number of the last will be very little).
  3. Realize projects of any large: from new office building to office supplies purchase.
  4. Synchronize LeaderTask on all devices for better control of your life.
About time management systems and LeaderTask
Therefore we call it “The main feature of your life” — after you begin to use LeaderTask, you will be able to exempt the head from unnecessary things and to fill it with the ideas and a creative. By the way some time management systems will help you too! Cuz they are realized in LeaderTask like additional apps.

About time management systems and LeaderTask

In the world of time-management there is the whole army of tools. Which of them are realized on the basic of LeaderTask?
  1. Pomodoro. Within this method you should alternate the periods 25 and 5 minutes. 25 minutes are allotted for work, and 5 — on rest. After four such repetitions long rest 10 minutes follows. This equipment increases your efficiency and productivity in a workplace.
  2. Gantt chart. One simple diagram will facilitate control of projects several times. In more detail about you can see below in video:
Совершенствование сотрудников
You can check all of realized tools of time management in LeaderTask’s Market. To visit it just click the link below:
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