Task management: about, inside and solutions!

What is task for every manager? It’s a big project which needs a great team of professionals of different spheres. So today we’ll consider a question of problems and activities of average manager and try to help them resolve issues.
Task management

Task management: about, inside and solutions!

So, for a start let's be defined on what questions each manager looks for answers?
  1. How to control all project’s processes?
  2. How to control assignments and tasks? In other words — how to build time-management?
  3. Where to find time for the solution of difficult issues?
The answer to all these questions was already heard in one of them. It’s task management.
Basic rules of time-management

Basic rules of time-management

The first and the main thing of management — building the to-do list. There you can control not only tasks of all the projects, but also private life. By building of the to-do list you must consider the following councils:
  1. Duration of one task shouldn't exceed 1 hour.
  2. If it happened, then try to break a task into subtasks. So that their duration after all hasn't exceeded 1 hour.
  3. Use by completing of your to-do list some time management techniques. For example, it can be the Pomodoro method. Pomodoro – an interval of time lasting 30 minutes. It consists of two periods. 25 minutes are allotted for work, 5 minutes – on a break. The Pomodoro set – the interval of time consisting of 4 Pomodoro and one break lasting 15-30 minutes.
By the way, for upgrade of task management there is several very useful techniques. We will talk about them further.
Task management methods

Task management methods

Project and task management is the difficult business. And work on projects requires the good tool. We recommend to try Gantt chart — the usual schedule which facilitates control over the project many times. For the best understanding of a method you can watch short video about work with Gantt chart in the LeaderTask program:
In general, LeaderTask is the nice tool for task management too. In the program you can build to-do lists, control execution of all your assignments, keep projects of any scale, etc. Besides, in service is a large number of the main technician of time-management, for example Pomodoro is realized. And that the most pleasant — they are realized as additional apps.
Try it for free right now!
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