Team software for your business

Looking for a program that can combine your entire team into a single system? So-called team software. There is such an app, let's figure out how it can help you.
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What should a good team software be able to do?

The work of the team is the engine of the company. It's not wise that a good team software should include several very important features:
  1. Creation of a single list of team members;
  2. Ability to communicate with all employees in the built-in chat room;
  3. Merge all files and documents according to tasks;
  4. Create common projects and goals;
  5. Create to-do lists for each employee.
Such a nice set for one program? And if we say there are many more features in one app, including all of the above?
Please welcome — LeaderTask.

Team software for your business — LeaderTask

Team software LeaderTask is a great business example. In addition to the numerical possibilities, in LeaderTask you can:
  1. Create common projects for a limited range of people;
  2. Send orders with deadlines;
  3. Attach documents and files to tasks;
  4. Chat with task performers in the built-in chat;
  5. Highlight important by colors and tags, etc.
In addition, the operation of the team must necessarily include time control. The nice one team software LeaderTask allows the entire team to work on one of the integrated time management systems:
  1. Gantt chart.
  2. Kanban board.
  3. Getting Things Done.
  4. Eisenhower matrix, etc.
Manage your team, become more productive. Try team software LeaderTask now:
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