The nice one team scheduling tool

To plan the work of the whole team, you have to have a good tool. After all, the team is the engine of work of the whole company. Which means the nice one team scheduling tool is a necessary thing.
Fortunately, such an app already exists. It's name — LeaderTask.
team scheduling tool

What is LeaderTask

LeaderTask was developed for both independent planning and teamwork.
Using the LeaderTask you can:
  1. Merge your entire team into a single program;
  2. Create assignments for your employees with dedlines;
  3. Monitor execution of all orders;
  4. Carry out projects of any scale;
  5. Communicate with the task performer in the built-in chat, etc.
LeaderTask has a complete set of features to implement any tasks and achieve the goals of any scale.
Thus, LeaderTask already deserves the title of team scheduling tool. But it's not all his possibilities.

What else can LeaderTask?

LeaderTask is a planning tool. In the app you can create to-do lists for each of your employees, split tasks into subtasks, and perform any other transactions.
With regard to tasks, you have at your service:
  1. Creating check lists;
  2. Highlighting important with colors and tags;
  3. Sending assignments;
  4. Creating common projects with restricted access, etc.
In addition, you can integrate any time management systems into the team management tool. After all, it is an extremely important part of competent planning.
Try LeaderTask now:
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