Time planner for your life and business

Time planner is what we all miss. A lot of things, meetings, tasks - all this is mixed up, forgotten. And time is a limited resource.
And this resource needs to be able to dispose of. With time planner LeaderTask this problem can be solved very easily.
Time planner for your life and business LeaderTask

How do I plan in LeaderTask?

LeaderTask is a planner who allows you to draw up to-do lists for a day, week, month and even a year in advance.
In LeaderTask you can:
  1. Distribute tasks by time throughout the working day;
  2. Highlight visually the most important tasks;
  3. Break down tasks into subtasks to achieve more;
  4. Assign tasks to your employees;
  5. In 1 click to transfer/create new cases to any of the calendar days.
In Windows version of LeaderTask you can look at scheduled cases distributed over time. With a built-in daily.
Need to move the meeting an hour ahead? Just move a task. No dirt, pomaros - everything is easy and accessible.

How does LeaderTask help with planning?

To-do list is an integral part of a competent time planner. However, built-in time management tools will also help you distribute your work schedule.
For example, you can use:
  • Gantt chart.
  • Pomodoro.
  • Getting things done.
  • Kanban board etc.
Over 50 time management techniques are implemented in the time planner LeaderTask. Pick anyone up and make your day more productive.
Time planner for business

Business time planner LeaderTask

In any business, time management plays an important role. So we've created LeaderTask than you can:
  1. Assign tasks and monitor their implementation;
  2. To give access to common projects so that everyone knows who is doing what;
  3. Create to-do lists for employees, etc.
So time planner LeaderTask is one of the best planners. Try it in action now:
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