Free your head!

LeaderTask will keep all your ideas and will remind of the most important.

Step 1. Open LeaderTask. Add all your deals in the program

Do it by means of today's to-do list

Step 2. Sort these tasks by projects: working and personal, office and "field", etc.

Create projects via the navigator; projects make your work simple!

Step 3. Allocate tasks on days, weeks and months

The program will remind you of the upcoming task. In time and tactfully!

Step 4. Allocate the main thing: decorate tasks and hang up on them tags

Create your own design of LeaderTask!

Step 5. Assign tasks to the employees: make to each of them the to-do list

Every employee will know what he has to do — just open the to-do list for today

Step 6. There are questions about a task? Receive the answer in 2 cliques

Come into LeaderTask and ask a question to the performer in the built-in chat

Step 7. Receive and estimate results of work of your employees

As soon as the task is complete, your subordinate will expose the status "Ready". And whether it is ready? You will solve!

LeaderTask is very simple!

You will master the program in 2 minutes.
If you have questions — our cool team of the support will work individually and solve all your problems.
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