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Congratulations! Today is a great day!
Since that day your own efficiency is going to raise in a constant way. You`ll get a light feel for managing your own tasks and collaborating with your team.
Just read this page to the end — bonuses and presents are waiting for you there (P.S. you`ll find out how to get LeaderTask with extra profit)
From LeaderTask to new victories From Leadertask to new heights

High efficiency

Your goal — become a man of a high efficiency. Our goal is to help you do this as fast as possible. That`s why we created this training guide. But don`t be hasty in moving down the page — read this guide deeply. There are no needless words and actions here. Just what can really help you achieve a new high efficiency skill.
Just take this guide as an insteresting RPG. Let`s call it "Raise Your Efficiency". Remember, when we were children we liked to play such games — lot`s of interesting characters like pirates, knights and wizards. We had to find and craft different items and artifacts which had magic qualities. We solved hard mind-teasers and started long ways to win in games. Now we offer you to play another new game — its result is your raising efficiency.
Our game also has magic items and interesting quests and you`ll love to accomplish them.
From LeaderTask to new victories From LeaderTask to new heights

Your awards

As a result of the accomplished guide and the course "Raise Your Efficiency" are going to be techniques and tools you`ll learn and calm and high emotional state you`ll get.
Clear mind
Clear mind
You`ll make your mind free for new ideas and LeaderTask will keep current plans and goals.
Work without stress and rush
Work without stress and rush
You`ll learn how to work calm and easy. Find out the way how to get goals faster and forget nothing at all.
Помощник всегда под рукой
Assistant always at hand
LeaderTask will always know what to do here and now. Will keep and remind you of everything.
Everything under control
"Everything under control" feeling
You will be able to assign tasks to your teammates so everything will be done right and on term.


The certificate that proves you accomplished the course "Raise Your Efficiency". To get it you`ll have to pass a test. Also it is a good way to test your teammates so that they know basic time management skills and raise their efficiency.
Sertificate Sertificate

Artifacts of the high efficiency

You`ll get the "Artifacts of the high efficiency". They`ll make you effective and calm.
100 main goals
100 main goals
List of all my things to do
List of all my things to do
List of all my assignments
List of all my assignments
List of main projects of the year
List of main projects of the year
Reminders of all important
Reminders of all important
My destination
My destination
My community super
My "super community"
My circle of competence
My circle of competence

Your plan of achieving the goal

Install LT on all your devices
Install LT on all your devices
Get your bonuses and presents
Get your bonuses and presents
Free your mind
Free your mind
Assign tasks
Assign tasks to your team
Identify main things
Identify main things

What is LeaderTask for you

LeaderTask owns all necessary features for you and your team to be of maximum efficiency.
All assignment in one app. You can see all tasks assigned to your teammates and you can see their progress as well as chat with your team right in tasks.
Chats and files in tasks. All info on a task like chat and attached files are always in your hands.
Your LeaderTask can work offline. Even when there is no internet at all — on the road or in a plane — you can keep working. Assign tasks and comment on them offline. LeaderTask is an absolutely autonomous app.
Shared projects. Organize your teamwork with shared projects. You can even stop follow changes there and at times just check them to give a feedback. 
Tree-like structure of tasks. And moreover this structure can be of any level. You can break a task to subtasks (decompose it) and then assign them if necessary.
See all features of LeaderTask

Techniques and courses you master with us

You`ll master and start practise all main time management systems. Moreover you will be able to create your own time management system.
getting thin done gantt chart kanban do it tommorow time drive scrum bryan tracy's system agile autofocus turbo time management
And many other...

Take it all with 1-year LeaderTask license!

To master all the above mentioned and start raise your efficiency today you just need to purchase LeaderTask for the necessary number of users.
After purchasing you get
LeaderTask is really worth its money — it`s just one lunch, a little for the all above mentioned :)
LeaderTask scheduler with all Premium features for 12 months
LeaderTask planner with all Premium features for 12 months.
synchronization with all your devices
Syncing with all your devices (Windows, IPhone, Android, Web, Mac, Apple Watch, Android Watch).
Statistics of your team and smart notifications.
And the most important is the satisfaction that your team efficiency and your own efficiency raises constantly!

Special offers and bonuses!

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